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Relocate Easy is a woman-owned, Zurich based relocation service, providing assistance to corporations transferring their executives, as well as to private individuals relocating to the Zurich area.


Since 1999 we have successfully relocated more than 1'700 clients from 139 different companies (as per 06/2013).


Relocate Easy is committed to provide excellent, personalized and reliable service tailored to meet your individual needs. Marion Schwendinger and her team stand by this commitment every day.


Relocate Easy offers a complete range of relocation assistance from finding suitable housing, schools for the children, the right club for leisure time activities to finding a vet for the family pet and a multitude of other services listed further in this brochure. Since every person is an individual, we treat you as such. What might not be important for one person, may be extremely important for you. We take all this into consideration when working with you and your family.


Relocate Easy knows that an international relocation includes lifestyle and cultural changes as well as different work ethics and attitudes. Our own first-hand experience of growing up, living and working in different countries as well as our curriculum has given us the necessary in-depth knowledge and understanding of the challenges international employees and their families face. Our expertise will help make the transition as easy for you and your family as possible.


Relocate Easy realizes that so much time, energy, planning and cost go into a relocation. We will help you and your family to settle in, leaving you the time and energy to concentrate on your new assignment.


Relocate Easy will help eliminate what is known as "the culture shock". Relocating to Switzerland ourselves years ago has made us well-aware of the difficult phase of integration. We will make you familiar with your new environment and the many do’s and don’ts that are so important in order to understand and enjoy a foreign country.


Relocate Easy believes in trying just that little bit harder, giving a little bit more and most important of all, nothing is too much trouble. We will do our utmost to make sure that you receive the individual, reliable and caring service you deserve. It goes without saying, we offer "service with a smile".



Relocating to a new country is often considered a "nightmare". This need not be.


In fact, we will turn this into a very positive and enriching experience for all concerned.


Why not let us turn the "nightmare" into a dream -  Relocate Easy !




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