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Since 1999 we have successfully relocated more than 1’700 clients from 139 different companies (as per 06/2013).



"Moving is never easy.  Moving to a new country with language and cultural differences would have been impossible for us without the assistance of Relocate Easy.  Franziska and Marion are truly exceptional individuals with the expertise that made our transition smoother than we could have imagined.  The time spent with us was never rushed even though we landed in Zurich days before Christmas.  Franziska would meet us at our local Gemeinde to assist us with our residency permits, she coordinated with our landlord and the Simmengroup so that our home would be furnished when we arrived, she even went above and beyond the scope of duties to assist with the proctoring of an exam for our daughter.  I can honestly say that we consider both Franziska and Marion to be our first friends in this new land.  We would have been lost without them!"






 “We are really glad that we decided to use the services of relocateeasy.ch since they made relocating for us easy and fast in every way possible. The effort and professionalism they put in is amazing in order to satisfy your needs. It seems like you gain your first friend here in Switzerland with these guys. You do not have to worry about any problem because they are here to help you. They are serious people who know their job. Keep it up ladies and we really want to thank you for everything.”


Katerina Dimitriadou and Apostolos Korniazis

Lead Engineer,

ABB Switzerland Ltd.




“Our Canadian family with young children needed to move from Texas, USA to Switzerland within 6 months and quickly this year.  My biggest anxieties were around making sure our kids landed in a good English speaking school and I had no idea how to go about this while my husband was away working in Europe and I was alone in Texas managing the kids and planning our move.  A friend of ours we knew years ago recommend Marion and Relocate Easy to us.  After our initial emails back and forth I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief…someone with vast knowledge to guide me every step of the way during this exciting yet overwhelming life change.  Marion helped me register the kids at the schools, arranged meetings with the admissions people when we came over to visit and she explained “how things work in Switzerland” which was invaluable to me. The children finding a school was our #1 priority but of course we needed a home to live in, a translator to help us with the rental agreements, guidance with the Swiss Visa process, a tour guide to show us around Zurich and the list goes on and on and Relocate Easy did all of these and more for us. As a busy mom I loved that I could communicate with Marion via email so any question I thought of I would email her and very quickly I would hear back with an answer.  So very personal and professional service. I am so happy we found Marion or else I know some decisions would have been made that I would have regretted so I highly recommend them…and I’m grateful.”


Becky and Robert Kubbernus




“I have moved twice with Relocate Easy and in both occasions things worked out fantastic. Just found the right place very quickly. Moreover I was impressed with the readiness and always supportive response of the team. Anything, anytime, I always got the solution to the problem very quickly plus a smile. Their help has been instrumental to our family move to Switzerland!” 

Eduardo Rubio,
Sales President,
EF Education First




“Having never even visited Switzerland before my relocation it was a real pleasure to be looked after so well by Franziska and the team. I expected little and got a lot! It was a real pleasure to be supported by such friendly and fun people – it made my potentially stressful and scary experience very relaxed and enjoyable.”


Graham Hunter,

Head of Global Performance Management,

Daniel Swarovski Corporation AG

Relocate Easy AG mit Frau Schwendinger hat uns vom ersten Moment der Wohnungssuche bis nach dem Einzug höchst professionell und mit sehr gutem Einfühlungsvermögen betreut und uns beim Start in Zürich immer sehr sympathisch geholfen. Wir können Frau Schwendinger und Relocate Easy AG sehr weiterempfehlen.“

Béatrice Guillaume-Grabisch
Beverage Partners Worldwide


“In October this year, we wanted to relocate as soon as possible to Zug, and we were really lucky to have Mrs. Marion Schwendinger's assistance and full support for the matter. She understood our requirements perfectly well and was capable of working for us closely to find the perfect apartment in a timely manner. She only took a few days to book viewings and show us lovely places to choose from. Once we chose the apartment, all paperwork was completed without any efforts, and Marion also organized everything relating to hooking up phone, electric, cable, spare furniture and everything we could think of and needed. The warm friendship with Marion that will always be there for you after relocation is something you cannot find else where!

We were very satisfied with the services of Relocate easy and I would recommend Mrs. Schwendinger's services to anyone moving into the Zug or Zurich area without any reservations whatsoever!

Jurij Janushkevich
General Director
Member of the Board
Condor-Fast SA Aerospace Technologies




"I would unhesitating recommend the services of Relocate Easy. While I had some experience of living and working in Continental Europe, there were many nuances to the Swiss immigration, working and housing, rules which they don't tell you about in books, and which make the services of a relocation agent on the ground absolutely essential.  That I found an appartment quickly and was processed efficiently through the city administration was all due to Relocate Easy's local knowledge and contacts.  Such was the personal attention and the attention to detail, it was sometimes hard to believe that I wasn't Franziska Alpiger's only client at the time, and it was down to her that everything went so smoothly."   


Alex Merriman

Director, Market Policy  
SIX SIS International, Zurich




 “Relocation overseas is always difficult particularly when language or custom are different. Relocate Easy provided us with first-class service with their expertise in many areas and efforts to come up with our needs. We fitted in just within a month. Without their assistance, it would have taken so many months to get everything organized. Moreover, they provided us with continued support even after they were done.”

Junichi Ito

Blue Sky Capital Man




“We’d like to thank the whole Relocate Easy team for their continued help and support with the relocation of our employees to Zurich. We very much value their flexibility, extensive knowledge of the Zurich area and most importantly, their professionalism.

They take the time to understand what our employees are looking for in terms of living arrangements and they have been very successful in finding great homes for everyone, especially in such a tight market. We know that our employees are in good hands with Relocate Easy and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Relocate Easy to other companies who are relocating staff to Switzerland. Thank you!”


Evangeline Frey Kraus,

Office Manager,

EF Cultural Travel Ltd, Luzern




"I had never lived in Zurich and Relocate Easy was strongly recommended by my company as an excellent relocation service. That endorsement was an understatement.  Marion Schwendinger and her company redefine service, responsiveness, and attention to every need and detail which anyone would require for relocating to Switzerland. No matter what the issue, large or small, Marion and her team were always available to provide comprehensive answers and suggestions for everything. She has the uncanny ability to look through the eyes of the person relocating and can anticipate one's questions and requirements with astounding insight and empathy.  Relocate Easy is a solutions-driven, people-oriented company whose passion for service excellence is unparalleled."


Robert Almanas,


SIX SIS International




"When my company moved me to Zürich, they arranged for me to meet with several relocation agencies and to choose the one that I wanted to work with. It was clear in my interview with Marion Schwendinger that Relocate Easy was a clear choice. Having now completed my move, I am highly confident that it would have been impossible to find a better partner.

Moving internationally for the first time with three small children (ages 5, 3, 2) into a housing and regulatory environment like Zürich's is complex. It can be a little scary, too. But before we even started working together officially, Mrs. Schwendinger was making my transition easier. She listened to my needs, made quick changes when my needs changed and provided great information. She also explained everything very well so that I felt comfortable and in control during the entire process. After finding the perfect apartment, Marion immediately put the wheels in motion to insure that we would be the ones living there (to whit, we have since met a family here who had to settle for another place because ours was so quickly spoken for).

Marion also put us into direct contact with a host of other service providers (bankers, insurance brokers, car dealers, etc) - all of which seemed to know Marion and were eager to give us quick and personal attention. When some of our official documentation was delayed, the Relocate Easy team went above and beyond to stay with our case and insure that every cog in the bureaucratic wheel kept turning in our direction.

Marion and the team do all of this with a responsive, optimistic and delightfully cheery attitude. They know the local market and "the expat" inside and out. They are perfect professionals and a delight to work with. I highly recommend their services and am genuinely disappointed that they are not a global firm (i.e. for my next move).”


Josh Feldmeth,

Chief Brand Analytics Officer,





"Before arriving in Switzerland, we had heard some horrible stories regarding the difficulties of getting one’s family settled and comfortable with living in a different country. This is especially true, if you are not comfortable with the language. I felt that my family’s sacrifice in coming with me should not be rewarded with more pain than was necessary. Fortunately, someone recommended Relocate Easy, based upon her own experience. Having met the staff of Relocate Easy and spoken to others who used other services, I realize that there is not better organization in all of Switzerland for helping your family become adjusted and comfortable with life in a new country. They covered everything from helping us to find multiple accommodations, explanations of facilities, laws, rules and regulations, tours of our environment (including shopping facilities) and many, many other helpful tasks. Relocate Easy gave us a feeling that they truly loved helping people and seemed to be experts in almost every aspect of our relocation. Months after we were settled, they were willing to help with an occasional question or two. Relocate Easy is a company of solid caring professionals with unending commitment. I strongly recommend this firm, if you are considering moving your family from another country to Switzerland ."


James P. Ellerbee,


Credit Suisse




"Our experience with Relocate Easy was simply outstanding.  From beginning to end, they took care of our every need in a professional and knowledgeable manner and continued to be a valuable resource long after the move was completed.  Their warm and personal approach made the relocation a pain free and enjoyable experience for my entire family.  Many thanks!" 


Leslie Young,

Managing Director,

BAI (Bank Administration Institute) Europe





"Moving locations is always a stressful exercise. New rules, regulations, culture, customs on top of language barriers!

Having an efficient and caring relocation agent can make all the difference. Relocate easy was just what we needed to ensure a smooth move. Both myself and my wife have been very satisfied with the care and attention we received and would highly recommend this agency for their quality service." 


Alexis Xenophontos,






"RE has been extraordinarily helpful in finding a suitable property and in all the time-consuming extra tasks that need to be dealt with on relocating. I found RE to be flexible, responsive and extremely efficient and great to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone moving to Zurich."


John S.W. Owen,

Managing Director,

Credit Suisse First Boston




"We recently relocated to Switzerland and used the services of Relocate Easy.  We were so happy with their service, before we arrived, when we arrived and even since we arrived. My husband came over in July to finalize our move from Australia with his company Glencore.  At that time he met Christine Lauber from Relocate Easy who took him around the area he thought he wanted to be in.  He selected 5 suburbs he was interested in.

From then, Christine emailed us apartments that she thought would suit us and her advice on the different ones.  We ended up getting an apartment for the time we were arriving (November - which isn't easy in Zurich ) through her help.  Not only did she help us with the apartment but she answered many questions from what to pack to where to get furniture in Zurich , and much in between.

Then, when we arrived, Christine took us around, helped us to register with the Community, helped get our electronics, IT and other things in order.  (Note that I was six months pregnant so she even helped us finding our Doctor and Hospital to use in Zurich).

And finally, I can still call Christine when I have a question, or need help just translating a letter or with what a service worker is saying.

So, Relocate Easy has really helped make this move much easier - just like the name of the company.  We would definitely recommend them to any other newcomers, and have given this great input back to Glencore who use them often. "


Liz and Steven Kalmin,

Glencore International AG




"For our recent move to Zurich, we had the pleasure to use Relocate Easy as our relocation agent. Relocate Easy has typified the best "Swiss" qualities - efficiency, reliability and the personal touch. My family have certainly been impressed with the service delivery we have received and the attention to detail. This has made our relocation a very simple, stress free task, and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to other families locating to Zurich."


Dharmendra Amin,

Chief Administration Officer,

Merrill Lynch Capital Markets AG


“When I came to Zurich in April 2009 I knew nobody. I was warned by my new colleagues that finding an apartment in Zurich was a difficult task. Luckily for me, my Bank was cooperating with the “Relocate Easy”. I just sent my expectations and in 2 week time I had a chance to watch a few apartments which were exactly what I was looking for. It came out my problem had not been finding an apartment but choosing the right one. All paper work had also been done by the Relocate Estate and in a few days I received the keys. Additionally, I received plenty of useful pieces of information which made my start in Zurich much easier.
I have been really happy that I met such professional run and friendly Company. Thanks “Relocate Easy!”

Radoslaw Kielbasinski
(private banker)




“We moved here to Switzerland from Bermuda and the United States . It is our first experience living in Europe . So it was a very different and stressful moving experience.

Christine Lauber was the representative assigned to work with us and she made everything literally easy for us. She provided a good inventory of living accommodations for us to look at.

Relocate Easy provided a wide range of services including arranging for Temporary living accommodations, assistance with governmental procedures, overview of the area, list of English speaking doctors, dentists and veterinarians, language schools and orientation upon arrival.

But it was the personal touches that made a real difference for us. Christine made sure that when we arrived, our temporary accommodations were ready including provisions for our pet cat. She took the extra time to ensure that my wife was comfortable in her new surroundings by taking her to various shops and businesses to help us get going with every day life. Not an easy task when you are in a new country with a new language to learn.

We were overall very pleased and thankful that we had the experience of working with such kind and courteous professionals. I would recommend Relocate Easy to anyone who is looking to Relocate to the Zurich area.”


Richard Leone,

Executive Vice President,

XL Group




“I was delighted with the service that my family received from Relocate Easy. Coming from England, my first overseas assignment, 3 children, it could have been a nightmare. However, Relocate Easy were always there to answer questions all throughout the whole move process. They helped me find a wonderful house (at a good price), advised with the school and have always been there when I needed help – from plugs to cleaners! A great service!” 



Finance Director




"Marion Schwendinger was very helpful and diligent in working with us throughout our apartment search. We are very happy in the beautiful apartment in Zurich she found for us"


Jennifer Saxe,

Director of Development,

Zurich International School




''We relocated to Zurich from Asia and used the services of Relocate Easy. They went out of their way to help us and were very helpful, efficient and professional during the entire process of our relocation."


Nitin Parekh,

Credit Suisse




"Relocations are always full of excitement but they also bring about a certain amount of stress.  As my family and I reflect back on our 10 different moves over the last 20 years, we always have fond memories of those people who were instrumental in facilitating the transfer.  During our move to Zurich , we were fortunate enough to have come in contact with Relocate Easy.  More importantly, we had the opportunity to work with several of their professionals before, during and after the move.  It didn't take long to realize that they were knowledgeable, effective and efficient.  We also quickly developed an excellent relationship based on trust as they promptly solved our problems always with a smile.  So, we definitely have fond memories of Relocate Easy and their 'fabulous four': Marion, Janie, Franzisca and Christine.  If Zurich is your destination, Relocate Easy!!!" 


Milton M. Hernandez,


Robbins & Myers Europe AG




“We used Relocate Easy to move from London to Switzerland and must say we were treated amazingly well. Marion took great care of us and managed to find us the flat of our dreams. Without her there is simply 
no way we would have gotten it. 
Also Marion good mood and great attitude made the whole process much more pleasant. This helped my wife a lot and gave her a great first image of Switzerland. So Marion we have one word for you: Thank you!”
Pete and Sabina Pilavachi

"From start to finish Relocate Easy (Marion Schwendinger) was there for us. The pro-active support and advice given was excellent. With confidence I can say that without Marion Schwendiger and her team's assistance the relocation from London to Switzerland would not have been as easy and uncomplicated as it turned out to be. From the most challenging tasked we faced in the move (negotiating Contracts) to the simplest (organising telephone, TV and internet) we benefited from the safety net Relocate Easy provided."


Mark Smyth

Head of Corporate Banking

Corporates International


Commerzbank AG

Zürich Branch





We are already looking forward to helping you too! Relocate Easy!






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